• With over 150+ weddings photographed, Marcella Treybig has refined her craft to capturing organic moments, artistically & timelessly… as well as a candid unobtrusive approach for those hilarious outtakes and intimate moments!

    As you scroll through photos on our blog you'll notice there's not a bunch of styled shoots, just real couples in love. Telling their unique love story as they share an important day in their lives with the people that mean the most to them - all together, at the same time, under one roof. That doesn't happen often, so we aim to make it one you look back on time & time again feeling that same bliss you did on your wedding day.

Heather and Jeff are one of the few couples that really went out of their way to make sure they did what they could do to make little Isabella’s first portrait session go smoothly…. It helped that there was a special on that day on the TODAY news show that talked about newborn portraiture. When I […]

  • Michele - Beautiful photos, Marcella!!! She looks so precious sleeping.

  • brandi - cuteness!

  • Emily - cuteness!

  • Amy - cuteness!

The Texas bluebonnets are the states flower and are suspose to be in a marvolus bounty this year! I just purchases my tickets for a trip to Houston Texas at the end of this month.  The entire Treybig side of my family (with exception of my immediate family) reside all over the state of Texas. […]

This morning I work up early to catch some of that morning dew and rising sunlight.  I rented this amazing 55mm Macro Nikon Lens that I absolutely love, hopefully it will be mine soon :). Since I primarily photograph people, I tend to use this lens for little details during a wedding (hands, invitations, rings, […]

  • Timothy Huynh - Macro is the funnest. I really like the oranges, the colors come out so nicely on those two shots.

I love being a morning person,  I woke up before the sun did this Friday to go photograph a couple portrait session at the Getty Museum in Los Angels. I am a born and raised southern California girl, and I have never been to the Getty Museum!  Well thanks to Ilyssa & Alex that all […]