• With over 150+ weddings photographed, Marcella Treybig has refined her craft to capturing organic moments, artistically & timelessly… as well as a candid unobtrusive approach for those hilarious outtakes and intimate moments!

    As you scroll through photos on our blog you'll notice there's not a bunch of styled shoots, just real couples in love. Telling their unique love story as they share an important day in their lives with the people that mean the most to them - all together, at the same time, under one roof. That doesn't happen often, so we aim to make it one you look back on time & time again feeling that same bliss you did on your wedding day.

As a photographer I feel like I don’t take enough photographs in my daily life, finding that balance between life and photography has always been a challenge for me.   I am either wearing ‘the photographer’ hat with my face stuck behind my camera or completely ‘in the moment’.  I can think of a million […]

The weather lately in Southern California is anything but warm and sunny, BUT the warm orange and red colors of fall are coming in!  That is why I decided to feature these images this week… along with the fact that I am behind on blogging and will be out of town for a few days. […]

Poppy’s blowing in the wind… In today’s busy world it’s hard not to get mixed up and lose site of yourself & your goals. Be true to yourself, because you are one-of-a-kind. Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. Benjamin Franklin

Danielle & Tommy’s wedding was so warm, friendly and filled with unique DIY (do-it-yourself) details that were so them.  When we arrived at  the Orcutt Ranch horticultural center Tommy was working hard getting things ready for their wedding to the very end.  “Let me know when you need me for pictures” -Tommy.  All your hard […]

  • Sara Gulick - Beautiful work as usual, yet, I’m always amazed with your creativity!

  • Alex - As always, I think your photography is amazing. This couple is very cute and I totally dig the mustache thing they have going on.

  • Brenda - Great job Marcella!!!

  • Danielle - I cannot stress how AMAZING Marcella & Brandi were the day of the wedding! All of our family members later commented on how hard they bustin’ their butts, and their dedication and talent definitely shows in the photos! I’m so happy they shot our wedding and I couldn’t have asked for better.

    Alex — We made the mustaches ourselves…It was one of the fun projects we took up for our wedding 🙂

  • Danielle's Dad - From all the photos that were taken,the pics in your blog post truly gives a nice taste of the day!

    Great job!

  • Featured: Danielle & Tommy’s DIY Wedding » Brandi Blogs - […] have some exciting news to share! This week Marcella and I’s photos from Danielle & Tommy’s wedding were published on one of my favorite […]

  • aidee - Hi Danielle,
    Your wedding looks amazing.
    Im having my daughter’s 15 this coming June and she wants a cupcake cake.
    Would you be so kind as to let me know where you got it from.
    I live in the Calley. Hopefully it wont be far.

I had a wonderful time photographing these two before their wedding.  They were so fun, relaxed and madly in love.  Crystal is a Southern California girl just like yours truly ;).  She met the love of her life, Joe, at their mutual friends wedding.  Sounds like a fairy tale love story already huh.  Well, sparks […]