• With over 150+ weddings photographed, Marcella Treybig has refined her craft to capturing organic moments, artistically & timelessly… as well as a candid unobtrusive approach for those hilarious outtakes and intimate moments!

    As you scroll through photos on our blog you'll notice there's not a bunch of styled shoots, just real couples in love. Telling their unique love story as they share an important day in their lives with the people that mean the most to them - all together, at the same time, under one roof. That doesn't happen often, so we aim to make it one you look back on time & time again feeling that same bliss you did on your wedding day.

Packing it up and shippin’ it out! I’m spending Christmas in Texas & Oklahoma this year visiting Alex’s family (for the first time ever!) along with my dads side of the family. I’ve never been to Oklahoma so I am pretty excited.  I love all the character, open spaces, people and enjoy the differences between […]

*jingling belles* Today I am bringing on that holiday cheer and gathering with friends and their furry pals to create some lasting memories this holiday season.  This year I have been DYING to put out a really cute christmas card with my little pups, Pakalolo & Desmond (even if it never makes it to print). […]

Happy December! The season for sharing 🙂 This past weekend I got together with a few friends in the industry to collaborate, and share our talents. I LOVE REDHEADS! Tanya is a make-up artist that has been featured on my blog before.  I was very happy to have her model this time for some much […]

  • blair britt - awe so fun… i didn’t realize you were doing head shots for both of them! they look great as usual!

  • Kaysha - Really love the macro shots of the make-up! Such pretty colors!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY! This little 14 day old baby boy looked just like his mommy, and how cute are his little smiling & winking faces in these photos?!  Garrett was one of the easiest babies I have ever photographed,  even when he was awake he was as quiet and cooperative as could be. I have […]

Hillary is one of the sweetest people I know &  she’s from Texas, a true all-american girl.  I was really inspired by her and wanted to do their couple session with the kind of warmth she radiates.  When I saw these yellow mustard flowers going wild around the southern california area, I knew they would […]

  • Sara Gulick - love love love! congratulations on the publication!!!

  • Marcella Treybig - Thanks! Tanya got it published since she did Hillary’s make-up (and a wonderful job at that)

  • Joshua - Question for you. Doing some research for my production company for an upcoming project. I was wondering your photos from the yellow flower field. Where is that located, the photos are amazing and would love to use for a location.

    Thanks so much, any help would be amazing!

  • The faces making it happen {Cindy & Tanya} .Portraiture. » Marcella Treybig Photography Blog - […] LOVE REDHEADS! Tanya is a make-up artist that has been featured on my blog before.  I was very happy to have her model this time for some much needed head shots […]

  • loveingMaldive - Hi,

    I was wondering the same question as Joshua. Have been dying to know where to find a good location to shoot these mustard flowers. If you could please share it’d be fantastic!

    Thanks a bunch!