• With over 150+ weddings photographed, Marcella Treybig has refined her craft to capturing organic moments, artistically & timelessly… as well as a candid unobtrusive approach for those hilarious outtakes and intimate moments!

    As you scroll through photos on our blog you'll notice there's not a bunch of styled shoots, just real couples in love. Telling their unique love story as they share an important day in their lives with the people that mean the most to them - all together, at the same time, under one roof. That doesn't happen often, so we aim to make it one you look back on time & time again feeling that same bliss you did on your wedding day.

Hi again! This is my last family post for awhile. If you’d like to see more, click back to this weeks previous posts (or click Birth, Christmas, Olivia). Today I am ending my personal post streak on my blog with the booming Tidal Basin and Cherry Blossom posts I’ve had going for the last few weeks, in celebration of the […]

  • Caitlin - these are adorable!! your daughter is so perfect and smiley 🙂

  • Renee - So pretty! Love these shots of your family!

  • Lauren C - Your daughter is crazy cute!! 🙂

  • Christa Rae - Such a beautiful family! Oh my goodness I love the cherry blossom trees so much!

  • Anna - what a lovely spot for family photos! you have a beautiful family and these photos show just how much love you have for each other. <3

  • Anna Marie Arpasi - what a beautiful family! Your daughter is sooo cute!!

  • Natalie Franke - How sweet are these images! Ahhhh! I’m in love with your cute family! Beautiful images!

I am so happy to finally be blogging these family portraits taken by Sarah Culver of our little family! I have printed all of them, because I feel like prints are the best way to preserve them for future generations, theres something nostalgic about holding a photo in your hands. Then I made a few […]

Hope you’re feeling well and enjoyed lots of kisses and green beer yesterday – none for this very pregnant lady. Which some of you might not have known, because I’ve hardly spoken about my pregnancy, birth or family life on my blog. Today is different. This is another very special blog post – and truly the most […]

  • Emily - You already know these made me cry the first time I looked at them. So what more can I say?! Incredible images.

  • Lauren Swann - Olivia was such a gorgeous babe!!

  • Marisa - Sarah is so incredible! These images are incredible. I’m speechless, in a good way!

  • Patricia Palasek - Love these . Makes me wish I would have had a photographer for Lucille’s birth.

  • Renee - Holy moly! These are incredible and I’m so glad that you had Sarah capture these!

  • Shannon C. Link - Beautiful! Thank you so much sharing. Moments to treasure forever. ❤️

  • Caitlin - these are incredible. so awesome that you have these to look back at forever!

  • My Little Family’s Portrait Session During The Cherry Blossom Bloom in DC // Photographed by Sarah Culver » Marcella Treybig Photography Blog - […] for awhile. If you’d like to see more, click back to this weeks previous posts (or click Birth, Christmas, […]

It has been almost two years since the birth of my daughter Olivia. I have started many personal posts, including a birth announcement that only made it to the draft/idea phase, but I was determined and moved to make sure this one made it to post. All of my past and present clients, family, friends, vendors and online buddies; […]

  • Jennifer - I love looking back at this time in your life! So many amazing images by so many talented photographers. I know I wish I had images like these to document my childhood. Your daughter is so lucky to have these.

  • Emily - awww! This is the sweetest. So fun watching your family grow (in these photos and in person!). I love that I get to be a part of your life! P.S. Sarah Culver is an amazing photographer – I wanna shoot like that one day!!

  • Caitlin - ahh, she is the cutest! it’s so crazy to see how fast she grows up in just one blog post! amazing photos.

  • Marisa - This post is just beautiful beyond words. How special to have all of these moments captured of your sweet little girl.

  • Lauren Swann - Y’all are such a precious family!! I love all of these!! Congratulations on your new little one coming in April, too!!

  • Patricia Palasek - Nice. I loved seeing that post today. Great documentation of the last 2 years. Love you . Can’t wait to see your newest daughter .

  • Brandi Lemon - HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY OLIVIA!!! Wish we were there to share this special day with you. Great post, Marcella. Love you both! xoxoxo

  • Christie - These are so great! Such great pictures and I know Olivia will be so thankful that you documented everything so well. Can’t wait to celebrate the birthday girl this weekend!