• With over 150+ weddings photographed, Marcella Treybig has refined her craft to capturing organic moments, artistically & timelessly… as well as a candid unobtrusive approach for those hilarious outtakes and intimate moments!

    As you scroll through photos on our blog you'll notice there's not a bunch of styled shoots, just real couples in love. Telling their unique love story as they share an important day in their lives with the people that mean the most to them - all together, at the same time, under one roof. That doesn't happen often, so we aim to make it one you look back on time & time again feeling that same bliss you did on your wedding day.

BONUS! yep that’s right, more photos from my latest engagement session post. I had some film with me on our engagement session and I just wanted to play around. I usually only use film for personal projects, trips, family events, etc because if I bring my digital camera I’ll be taking pictures the entire time […]

  • Jenna - These photos are some of my absolute favorites! ­čÖé

Jenna (the bride) is one of the most positively infections people ever, you know the type, even when they are mad it’s ‘sweet’ and ‘cute’ – not that I could even imagine her being anything but positive and kind! She is after all a teacher, AND won Teacher Of The Year – but of course […]

So YES, this is happening.┬áI’m going to blog about my pregnancy! ┬á *6 weeks away from my┬áMarch 15th 2013 due date! I toyed with the idea of starting a new blog and just keeping those family related posts on a different site, but really-I can barely post blogs regularly on this site as it is. […]

  • Elena Piercey - You HAVE to tell me… Is Brandi having twins? Is she even pregnant or am I just wishful thinking? I’m kind of freaking out! I could totally see her w two at a time! Lol

  • brandi - Nothing like waiting till the last minute. But I’m glad to see you’re finally doing it. Elena, never speak like that again. EVER.

  • Shirley Erice - Hi

    […]some sort of mindful viewpoint as well as tips i am going to[…]

I absolutely love photographing weddings! They can be such a melting pot of different ceremonies, family traditions and cultures that it’s just truly amazing witnessing events like this. This was a REALLY really long wedding day- 14hours!- and it even started days before this! Check out their┬áMehndi and Chinese Tea Ceremony┬ábefore the wedding which I […]

Kerri & Matt are amazing artists with a vision and I knew they would be the perfect couple to test out shooting a roll of film at a wedding with! they were thrilled when I told them about this little extra. When it comes to film I am a purest and do not photoshop anything […]