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photographing weddings and everything else I would like to share about weddings

This wedding is especially special to me because not only was it photographed in Texas the weekend after my wedding, but the mother and father of the bride were guests at my Texas wedding the weekend prior. It was really wonderful to see them at my wedding and be there to capture their daughters wedding […]

I usually don’t blog posts of weddings I have photographed as an associate (2nd photographer) BUT this virginia country wedding placed way out on a family estate was just perfect for today! I had the pleasure to photograph it with the amazing Erin Lassahn. She’s (now) a Denver, CO based wedding photographer still making her […]

This lovely wedding was photographed in San Francisco California a few months ago at The Berkeley City Club. When I spoke to the bride we just hit it off! she was living in Maryland, and moving to California. It just so happened that we were both going to be in Maryland at the same time, […]

I photographed a fellow photographers wedding reception a few months back at Corradetti Glass Blowing Studio and this place was awesome! It had high ceilings with beautiful and unique pieces of glass blown art. Strung lights and old brick walls really gave this place a lot of character, you really don’t need much to bring this venue […]

My first very first trip to Europe was to photograph a wedding. I was there for a total of 3 days 4 nights, and can’t wait to go back! Alex (my husband) and I are planning our honeymoon next year for Europe 🙂 Ahhh.. the wine flowed like water. literally. Best flight of my life, I […]