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I just love this engagement session! I was so excited to finally get to do a rainy day engagement session, you really have to be bold and it’s not every couple that is comfortable braving the elements like this. I think this just sets such a romantic dreamy mood and can’t wait to do another […]

When Sarah & Paul booked me for their wedding date around Christmas time they really wanted to get the ball rolling with their engagement photos so they could send out those Save the Date cards (which doubled as Christmas cards) ASAP. We scheduled an engagement session the very next morning and hit the ground running […]

BONUS! yep that’s right, more photos from my latest engagement session post. I had some film with me on our engagement session and I just wanted to play around. I usually only use film for personal projects, trips, family events, etc because if I bring my digital camera I’ll be taking pictures the entire time […]

Jenna (the bride) is one of the most positively infections people ever, you know the type, even when they are mad it’s ‘sweet’ and ‘cute’ – not that I could even imagine her being anything but positive and kind! She is after all a teacher, AND won Teacher Of The Year – but of course […] This surreal floral garden engagement session was photographed in early spring, in Baltimore. Luckily this year (2012) turned out to be an unusually warm year with flowers in peak season early in April. I don’t think I have ever seen this many blooming trees, bushes, and bulbs before in my life! I love visiting […]