Personal Family Portraits As This Week Marks A Big One In Our Lives

It has been almost two years since the birth of my daughter Olivia. I have started many personal posts, including a birth announcement that only made it to the draft/idea phase, but I was determined and moved to make sure this one made it to post. All of my past and present clients, family, friends, vendors and online buddies; thank you for the support and following over the years as my business and family have continued to grow.

March 18th 2013 was the day Olivia Luna Vinson was born, and tomorrow she officially turns 2 years old!  Today I am pregnant with our second baby girl Delilah (due April 8th 2015).

Over the years I have continued to have family photographs professionally taken, as well as document milestones along the way on my own iPhone camera or real deal camera. Today I share some of those photos with you! So basically it’s a 2 year summary of our only baby until now. I have a few posts scheduled for the rest of the week dedicated to showing off our awesome family portrait sessions, photographed by Sarah Culver Photography, throughout the years so check back to see more of these tomorrow.

+ This weekend we are hosting a birthday party for Olivia’s 2nd birthday. It’s her very first birthday party and I am so excited to see her enjoy the afternoon with some of her playmates. I went with a star and moon themed ‘I love you to the moon and back’ party theme since her middle name is Luna (Spanish for Moon). I’ll share and post photos of that in early April.

** photographs posted in this blog post are a mix of my own and other photographers, credited below each photo.**

34 (?) weeks pregnant

0012_Marcella Treybig Photography_0935

0030_Marcella Treybig Photography_4653
labored at home as long as possible.

0031_Marcella Treybig Photography_4005

0029_Marcella Treybig Photography_4046

0028_Marcella Treybig Photography_4880

5cm dilated high five!

0027_Marcella Treybig Photography_4927

0026_Marcella Treybig Photography_4340

Alex cut the umbilical cord!

0025_Marcella Treybig Photography_4410
0033_Marcella Treybig Photography_0956

First day home!

0045_Marcella Treybig Photography_0968

0009_Marcella Treybig Photography_0932
Just days after Olivia’s birth, Emily came over and took these wonderful photos! I was exhausted, busy nursing and standing just out of frame to keep baby happy. There was no way I was going to manage taking any photos for a few more weeks.

0010_Marcella Treybig Photography_0933
0034_Marcella Treybig Photography_0957
first bath!
0003_Marcella Treybig Photography_0926

A few weeks later I managed to take these with my real camera.

0036_Marcella Treybig Photography_0959
Friends came to visit and we headed out for some fresh air in DC.
My parents came to visit, back to DC
0037_Marcella Treybig Photography_0960

Lots of iPhone snap shots! I tried keeping them in somewhat of a chronological order.

0038_Marcella Treybig Photography_0961
0039_Marcella Treybig Photography_0962
0040_Marcella Treybig Photography_0963
My first MOTHERS DAY as a mother!
0007_Marcella Treybig Photography_0930
Europe Trip around 7 months old, Germany and Italy
0011_Marcella Treybig Photography_0934
0041_Marcella Treybig Photography_0964
0042_Marcella Treybig Photography_0965
0043_Marcella Treybig Photography_0966
0044_Marcella Treybig Photography_0967
0008_Marcella Treybig Photography_0931

Back in the states!

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Jenny bosak
0014_Marcella Treybig Photography_0873
Holiday/end of year family photos by

0015_Marcella Treybig Photography_1554
0017_Marcella Treybig Photography_1760
The dress Olivia is wearing was made from my Mother-in-laws wedding dress and gifted during Olivia’s baby shower.

0016_Marcella Treybig Photography_1633
0001_Marcella Treybig Photography_1650
0002_Marcella Treybig Photography_2053
0018_Marcella Treybig Photography_2085
0019_Marcella Treybig Photography_2224
April 2014, Olivia just turned 1 year old a few weeks ago, and we are taking family photos to celebrate & remember.

happy baby in stripes
blues and gold family photo
casual attire family portraits
family- flower-filled-portraits
0004_Marcella Treybig Photography_0927
0005_Marcella Treybig Photography_0928
November 2014 (above) … and several months pregnant in both above and below photos

Jenny Bosak

0006_Marcella Treybig Photography_0929
First big snow day in 2015!

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  • Jennifer - I love looking back at this time in your life! So many amazing images by so many talented photographers. I know I wish I had images like these to document my childhood. Your daughter is so lucky to have these.

  • Emily - awww! This is the sweetest. So fun watching your family grow (in these photos and in person!). I love that I get to be a part of your life! P.S. Sarah Culver is an amazing photographer – I wanna shoot like that one day!!

  • Caitlin - ahh, she is the cutest! it’s so crazy to see how fast she grows up in just one blog post! amazing photos.

  • Marisa - This post is just beautiful beyond words. How special to have all of these moments captured of your sweet little girl.

  • Lauren Swann - Y’all are such a precious family!! I love all of these!! Congratulations on your new little one coming in April, too!!

  • Patricia Palasek - Nice. I loved seeing that post today. Great documentation of the last 2 years. Love you . Can’t wait to see your newest daughter .

  • Brandi Lemon - HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY OLIVIA!!! Wish we were there to share this special day with you. Great post, Marcella. Love you both! xoxoxo

  • Christie - These are so great! Such great pictures and I know Olivia will be so thankful that you documented everything so well. Can’t wait to celebrate the birthday girl this weekend!

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