My Little Family’s Portrait Session During The Cherry Blossom Bloom in DC // Photographed by Sarah Culver

Hi again! This is my last family post for awhile. If you’d like to see more, click back to this weeks previous posts (or click Birth, Christmas, Olivia).

Today I am ending my personal post streak on my blog with the booming Tidal Basin and Cherry Blossom posts I’ve had going for the last few weeks, in celebration of the coming Spring season. As a mother I can not tell you how important it has been for me to set aside the time and money it takes to have professional family photographs taken. I have always valued great photographs, and wanted to be in the photos with my family, actively engaging and not just behind the camera. We do that on a daily basis with our iPhones anyway! You do not truly realize how important these images are until time has passed you by and you are wondering where the time went… and then you can’t believe that was YOU only a few years ago either.

About this time last year (April 2014) our birth photographer, Sarah Culver, captured precious memories of our little family. Olivia had just turned 1 year old, and we were celebrating our wedding anniversary as well that month.

We chose to have our session at sunrise at the Tidal Basin during peak Cherry Blossom season because… well.. I love flowers. This place is a slice of heaven for a person like me, and is just so surreal with all the flower filled trees and petals drifting to the floor creating this lovely mosaic of pink on the ground. It’s also very iconic to Washington, DC and I wanted to have some clear documentation of location at this point in our lives together since my husband is in the military and relocation is in the future.

If you missed my recent engagement session blog posts in this area click below to check them out:

** All photographs taken by Sarah Culver : **

Thank you Sarah! XO

1 year old baby and mother
sweet black and white mother child photo
blues and gold family photo
casual attire family portraits
cute baby black and white photos outside
family lifestyle portrait
family portraits at the tidal basin
family- flower-filled-portraits
happy baby in stripes
lifestyle family photos in washington dc
lifestyle family portraits
mother and child looking out
kisses to baby from mom
my little baby girl olivia in stripes
cherry blossom at sunrise with baby

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  • Caitlin - these are adorable!! your daughter is so perfect and smiley 🙂

  • Renee - So pretty! Love these shots of your family!

  • Lauren C - Your daughter is crazy cute!! 🙂

  • Christa Rae - Such a beautiful family! Oh my goodness I love the cherry blossom trees so much!

  • Anna - what a lovely spot for family photos! you have a beautiful family and these photos show just how much love you have for each other. <3

  • Anna Marie Arpasi - what a beautiful family! Your daughter is sooo cute!!

  • Natalie Franke - How sweet are these images! Ahhhh! I’m in love with your cute family! Beautiful images!

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