Our (Belated) Honeymoon in Rome, Italy 2013

This past year my husband and I were finally able to take our honeymoon! We had our wedding in the Spring of 2012 (April 14th to be exact, 2 year anniversary coming up!) and with the cost of a wedding and a recent move, we put off our honeymoon for a while to save some money for the European honeymoon we both really wanted. Well.. shortly after our wedding we were expecting a little baby girl, born March 18th 2013. So that changed our honeymoon plans to +1 more. Proud to say that even with all the added challenges we were still able to take our honeymoon to Rome, Italy the following year!

We flew into Rome on October 25th, and it was PERFECT. The warm air was just right, not hot or humid, lots of sunshine everyday and nice breezes when you needed them. We immediately checked into our hotel Lancelot just down the street from the Colosseum. We were only spending 5 days and 4 nights so we wanted to make sure we were comfortable and centrally located to make the most of every minute we spent there. They were so accommodating and friendly too! When we arrived with our 7 month old baby, they upgraded us to the suite just to give us some extra room 🙂 We had a balcony where you could view the city and nearby Colosseum. It was a spectacular site at night, I enjoyed sitting out there with a glass bottle of wine at the end of a long site seeing day in the warm evening air relaxing and soaking it all in. Even with the baby, Alex and I were able to spend our evenings alone out there together.

I highly recommend Rome as a honeymoon destination. It was very ROMAntic (hehe). People were friendly, no strange smells (I was worried about that), beautiful flowers, perfect weather, wine at every turn, delicious foods, and miles of walking with your hubby by your side.

side note: I was fortunate enough to book a wedding in Germany which is was really kicked us into gear for this trip. Photos of that Germany Castle wedding coming soon!

DAY 1:

The photo above is a panoramic from my iPhone from the balcony.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0607

Alex and Liv settling into our new accommodations.

Marcella Treybig Photography_0609
Marcella Treybig Photography_0608
Marcella Treybig Photography_0561
Time for food!
Marcella Treybig Photography_0559

Marcella Treybig Photography_0560
Then we headed over to a restaurant for lunch, of course I had to immediately order my first glass of wine and a pizza… not pictured because it was being devoured. Apparently along with the menu.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0558
Marcella Treybig Photography_0562
Marcella Treybig Photography_0563
After lunch we walked over to the Colosseum where tour guides were ready and willing to start tours every 15-30min. We just showed up and jumped right in, we also had previously purchased a Roma Pass to gain entrance into major sites at a discount. It was a money saver for us since we visited some of the same sites more than once.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0564
Marcella Treybig Photography_0565
Marcella Treybig Photography_0566
Marcella Treybig Photography_0567
She took all her naps and most of her sightseeing from our favorite baby carrier, Ergobaby. She was so easy to manage and a total dream the whole trip!
Marcella Treybig Photography_0568
Touching a 2000 year old piece of history!
Marcella Treybig Photography_0569
Then we walked over to Palatine Hill just across from the Colosseum for another guided tour, ruins, fountains, and killer view for sunset.

Marcella Treybig Photography_0570
Marcella Treybig Photography_0571
Marcella Treybig Photography_0572
Marcella Treybig Photography_0573
this gives you an idea of how large this statue would have been, by big toe comparison.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0574
Marcella Treybig Photography_0575

Playing around the garden at sunset.

Marcella Treybig Photography_0577
Marcella Treybig Photography_0578
This garden and view were so romanic. A place I would have packed a lunch or bottle of wine and just enjoyed the sunset from this warm calm quiet place on a hill. I just reveled in it, and enjoyed the offer by a stranger to take our photo.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0579
Marcella Treybig Photography_0580
Marcella Treybig Photography_0581
Marcella Treybig Photography_0582
Marcella Treybig Photography_0576
And the view of Rome.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0585
Marcella Treybig Photography_0583
Marcella Treybig Photography_0584
Marcella Treybig Photography_0586
More photos of ruins at Forum Romanum, at the base of Palatine Hill where we got our guided tour. We spent hours here strolling together, kinda got rushed out at the end since they closed at dusk.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0619
Marcella Treybig Photography_0620
Marcella Treybig Photography_0617
Marcella Treybig Photography_0616
Marcella Treybig Photography_0618
Marcella Treybig Photography_0614
Marcella Treybig Photography_0621
Marcella Treybig Photography_0615
It’s hard to see in this photo (above) but all those little black specs are birds. That stream of birds just kept going for several minutes it was incredible.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0622
Getting shooed out!! (above), but I had to stop to pose anyway 🙂
Marcella Treybig Photography_0625
Marcella Treybig Photography_0623
Marcella Treybig Photography_0624
Marcella Treybig Photography_0626
Colosseum on our way home late in the evening.


DAY 2:

The Vatican, you can not see it all in one day… or two or three for that matter. We were so glad we took yet another guided tour, they got us through in one day with just the “must see’s”. We went back again on our final day on our own.

Marcella Treybig Photography_0627
Marcella Treybig Photography_0610
Marcella Treybig Photography_0628
Marcella Treybig Photography_0611
Marcella Treybig Photography_0587
Marcella Treybig Photography_0629
Marcella Treybig Photography_0631
It’a a bathtub.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0588
Marcella Treybig Photography_0630
after HOURS of breathtaking, stunning, astonishingly detailed work displayed on every square inch of this massive place it started to lose some of the magic. It was just so so so much to take in. Everything was magnificent, glad we went back another day. So much to see. Give yourself at least two days to do this!
Marcella Treybig Photography_0632
Marcella Treybig Photography_0633
Marcella Treybig Photography_0634
Sooooo I wasn’t suppose to take a photo of this, they had guards patrolling the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel making sure no one was taking photos, or talking. Every few minutes they would tell out ” Shhhh!!”, “Quiet”, “No photography or video taping”. I guess Nikon has the rights to ALL photo/video take of this Sistine chapel (they paid for the restoration), so if you took a photo they would come and delete it from your device and/or promptly kick you out. If your lens cap was off, they made you cover it. I took these photos without ever looking through the camera (hip level the whole time) kinda proud of myself.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0635
Marcella Treybig Photography_0636
Marcella Treybig Photography_0590
Marcella Treybig Photography_0589
Marcella Treybig Photography_0591

Another beautiful sunset shared on top of the Piazza di Spagna steps with my loves! We had a drink and just sat on the steps watching the sun go down with this huge mass of people. There was always a crowd.

Marcella Treybig Photography_0593
Marcella Treybig Photography_0594
Marcella Treybig Photography_0592
DAY 3:

We walked around downtown just touring shops, eating gelato, and seeing sites.

Marcella Treybig Photography_0612
Marcella Treybig Photography_0637
Pigeons and Seagulls were the only birds I saw.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0638
Marcella Treybig Photography_0639
Marcella Treybig Photography_0640
Marcella Treybig Photography_0641
Marcella Treybig Photography_0642
Marcella Treybig Photography_0643
Marcella Treybig Photography_0644
Just a few blocks from our Hotel. Lots to see in walking distance!
Marcella Treybig Photography_0645
Marcella Treybig Photography_0646
Marcella Treybig Photography_0595
Marcella Treybig Photography_0647
The Pantheon
Marcella Treybig Photography_0651
Marcella Treybig Photography_0648
Marcella Treybig Photography_0649
Marcella Treybig Photography_0650
Marcella Treybig Photography_0652
Marcella Treybig Photography_0653
Marcella Treybig Photography_0654
Lunch at the Pantheon square. Pretty amazing. Then we walked about some more indulging in all kinds of sweet treats.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0655
Marcella Treybig Photography_0656
Marcella Treybig Photography_0596

Trajan’s Column and The Trevi Fountain was one we just stumbled across traipsing about the city. This thing was MASSIVE, and way over the top. It reminded me of the types of fountains you’d see in Las Vegas.  So eccentric and boasting, but that’s what the Roma’s were going for. I just can’t imagine how something like this was created back then.

Marcella Treybig Photography_0657
Marcella Treybig Photography_0658
Marcella Treybig Photography_0659
Marcella Treybig Photography_0660
Marcella Treybig Photography_0661
Marcella Treybig Photography_0662
Just a picture of my favorite fern… I love ferns 🙂 It’s called a Maiden Hair Fern
Marcella Treybig Photography_0663
Charming little restaurants like this were everywhere, and the food was delicious. Pizza’s and my idea of “authentic” Italian foods were regularly ordered…. when in Rome 😉
Marcella Treybig Photography_0664
Marcella Treybig Photography_0665
We did a lot of walking… particularly a lot on this day! Alex wanted to go visit some museums so we took the long way through some parks, got lost, which was welcomed.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0597
Marcella Treybig Photography_0666
Marcella Treybig Photography_0613
Marcella Treybig Photography_0667
Marcella Treybig Photography_0668
Marcella Treybig Photography_0671
Marcella Treybig Photography_0598
Marcella Treybig Photography_0675
Marcella Treybig Photography_0599
Marcella Treybig Photography_0601
Marcella Treybig Photography_0600
Marcella Treybig Photography_0672
Marcella Treybig Photography_0673
Marcella Treybig Photography_0674
Marcella Treybig Photography_0676
Marcella Treybig Photography_0602
DAY 4:

Spent the whole day back at the Vatican for round #2

Marcella Treybig Photography_0603
Marcella Treybig Photography_0604

When the evening rolled around we headed over to St. Peter’s Basilica & Catacombs. SO glad we ended up making our way here. Even after all the amazing things I had seen up until this point I was still blown away by St. Peter’s Basilica. The marble that was used to build this was taken from ruins all over the city, it’s massive and it’s absolutely marvelous! Swiss Guards are also posted at the Basilica. 

Marcella Treybig Photography_0677

Marcella Treybig Photography_0678
Marcella Treybig Photography_0605
Marcella Treybig Photography_0606
My hot husband 😉
Marcella Treybig Photography_0680
Look how tiny all these people look in comparison.
Marcella Treybig Photography_0681

Day 5:

Picked up and headed out to Germany!

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