Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding, Maryland

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This wedding has the charm of the ‘charm city’ Baltimore Maryland. Great locations like federal hill for portraits, and the wedding venue Museum of Industry featuring the iconic Domino Sugars sign in the background. Lots of fun beer cozies too! The bride even sang a song with the Jump Street Band backing her up at the end of the night for all the gust, it was awesome!!

Band: Jump Street Band // Bridal Boutique: Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection & Lily’s Bridal // Bridal Gown: Francesca’s Bridal // Catering: Linwoods Catering // Men’s Attire: J.Crew & JoS. A. Bank // Photography: Marcella Treybig Photography // Reception: Baltimore Museum of Industry // Church Ceremony:  Marikle Chapel at Notre Dame

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