Virginia wedding proposal photography and story from the couple

We all know wedding days are such a special time for a couple as they join their lives together, and thankfully I’ve had the pleasure to photograph many! But what about the proposal?… well that’s often just as big! and thankfully, I’ve also had the pleasure to capture some of these precious moments in a couples relationship.
Norma (the bride):
We dated all through high school and college. At the time we didn’t realize our anniversary date was on leaper year, but since then we have had only two anniversaries over the course of a 8 year relationship, 02.029.08 (our first anniversary) and 02.29.12 when he proposed.
Since our date only come every fours years we try to take the day off to enjoy it with each other, well this year I was called in to work last minute. I agreed to work and later he told me he had to work too, since I was already working I thought it was fine for him to in as well and we would both be out at the same time. We had dinner plans for later that night. Well he got up at 5am and got ready to ‘work,’ I had no idea what he had in storage for me. My client was coming at 10:15 am, but my alarm didn’t go off in time and it was pouring rain outside. I quickly jumped in the shower and put on some rain boots and drove to salon to be ready for my client. Diane had also called me and told me to be a bit early. I also had nail appointment after “work,” so I didn’t bother with my nails and had actually picked at my ring finger nails the night before. BIG mistake for what was coming next!
 I grabbed my make-up kit and some hair appliances Diane had left with me the weekend before and ran into the building. I felt a little bad I hadn’t gotten ready as I usually do for my client, due to the rain. So got into the elevator I could hardly hold everything I had in my hand. I placed everything down and rearranged everything so I could open the door. Which seemed locked, I wiggled it a bit and finally Diane opened the door and as I glanced up I saw all the balloons! I was so confused, thoughts ran through my head but I wasn’t sure this was it. I quickly thought Diane might have had balloons left from Valentines day. Then I took a step in and there he was on on knee. My mom, sisters, close friends were there and a wonderful photographer. Whose work I had seen weeks before and I had told him about her and how much I would love for her to take photos of us. Tears rushed to my eyes but I took one big gulp and kept them in. As I approached him I couldn’t hear anything else but “..Will you Marry Me?” Later he told me what his whole speech was:
“Norma, 8 years ago I dropped you off for work here and told you “I LOVED YOU” for the first time. I love you more than that day.  Will You Marry Me?”
I was so nervous, I might have nodded yes or said YES! He placed he ring in my finger and we kissed and hugged! He had a champagne bottles friends and family all helped pass them around we cheered with great happiness.  I was in shock for the rest of the day with a big smile in my face. After he proposed, I remember shaking through every photo. I had forgotten how to pose, but Marcella did a great job at keeping us comfortable and giving us direction for the best natural poses.
I remember he turned around and pointed out our photographer and said look I found her this is the one you told me about. Without knowing he was paying attention to all the details I had been telling the week before, and many things we had talked about through out the years. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal, this has been a great a story to share with family and friends. Recently he mentioned to me, that his biggest worry was that the proposal wouldn’t be a great story to share with others. He wanted me to have something special to share with every time I was asked ‘how did he propose’, and I definitely  do. This also assures me that I am marrying the right man for me. One who listens to the smallest of my details and makes things happen to make me happy. I truly love him and I can’t wait to start my life with him.

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