Santa Barbara Engagement Photography: From the Vineyard to the Coast

Lauren & Tyson were having their wedding in Connecticut (their home town) where they had an engagement session included with their wedding photography, but they both live in Southern California and got engaged in Santa Barbara so they really wanted to get some great engagement portraits where it was most meaningful! Like places they would visit as a couple and in a state they planned on building more memories in after their wedding day. I use to live in Santa Barbara when I went to photography school at Brooks Institute several years ago so I was SO excited to get to visit one of my old hometowns and shoot a gorgeous, happy, loving couple. I flew out for their engagement session in June (2013), where at the same time I would be photographing a couple Southern California weddings. They were¬†hoping to have our session at the Bridlewood Winey in Santa Ynez, so Lauren called up to make sure we would have the OK from the winery. They were so wonderful and accommodating (maybe because these two were regulars!) Then we headed down to the beach for some sunset photos where there was a ship recked boat from a resent storm! can’t believe we lucked out to have such an unusual prop on this popular beach combed beach in Santa Barbara, California.

Make up: Tanya Brown

0002_santa barbara engagement photos-9576.jpg

0007_santa barbara engagement photos-9640.jpg
0003_santa barbara engagement photos-9599.jpg

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0049_santa barbara engagement photos-0540.jpg

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0086_santa barbara engagement photos-0993.jpg

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  • Albert - WOW these are absolutely stunning!!

  • Claire - That is one beautiful bride! Jeez! I wish we could all be that lucky! I love Santa Barbara for a backdrop of any photo shoot. Butterfly beach, a wine orchard, all some of my favorite places to get lost at whenever I’m in town. Truly a beautiful place. I’m planning a summer trip, which is rapidly approaching and I could not be more excited for! My friends and I are planning on staying at the Sandman Inn ( Affordable and in the greatest location!

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