First things first {get a wedding email address} .Wedded Wednesday.

The very first thing I would suggest to do before you start looking at wedding dresses, going to bridal shows, or doing any online searching is GET A WEDDING EMAIL ADDRESS. Everyone is going to ask you for your email address, and they may even share your email with other companies. I know Davids bridal definitely makes some money off of selling your email address, I have gotten so much spam email & cold calls from them. So please, do yourself a favor, because in no time your inbox could look like this….


… and just imagine combining all that with all the daily email spam and junk you already get. Then after your wedding you can just get rid of the email address and not have to be bothered by vendors still looking for a sale 1-2 years after your wedding date.

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  • Cindy - Exactly, a wedding email address is the first thing couples should get after they get engaged or when they are planning their special day. Better yet, offers brides, grooms & wedding vendors a free wedding email address personalized with the @Wedding brand.

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