Back in the Saddle! & Gallery Display Invite

HI! I have been missing in action lately, working on a new job and my personal life *gasp! how dare I*. I know, but you need to put yourself first and be a little selfish sometimes.

Well, I am just getting back into the swing of things and even though I have slowed down with my posts and public online dealings I have NOT with photography. I have book a wedding for September this year, and have a gallery display at Rutabegorz in Old Town Tustin that I would officially like to extend an invitation for.
Rutabegorz is a very eclectic, natural feeling restaurant in Old Town Tustin that I selected for it’s good energy and green efforts for the planet. I am a hippy at heart 😉 And they selected ME! keeping with the feeling of the restaurant (in order to compliment and not compete with the natural setting of the location) I selected images for display that were straight from nature, and in their pure form, this means little to NO photoshop. You may recognize some of the images from blogs or posts in the past.
All the art work is framed and available for sale, almost at cost, ranging from $45-110$ with frames. You can also contact me directly and purchase just the images and place them in your own frames for $35 (8X10) I am not trying to make money with my personal pieces I just want it to be out in the world for people to look at and enjoy… keeping the moments alive!
Rutabegorz will be hosting my gallery until April 21,2010
I snapped a few photo’s on my iphone after I had finished hanging all my images, there are still going to be some changes coming soon like a BIO sheet, and images and frames being switched out so check back.
If you have visited I would love to hear your feedback! Thank you for all the support.

a little history

RUTABEGORZ TUSTIN is housed in a historic building with a neoclassic colonnaded front at the corner of Main and C Streets in “Historic Old Town Tustin”.

Placed on the Register of National Historic Places in 1994, our location was built in 1914 by the son of Columbus Tustin. It is one of the oldest buildings in town. The building first served the community as a general store owned by Charles Artz, and has since been home to many various businesses. During the Depression, the building for a short time even became a classroom for local school kids.
RUTA’S TUSTIN opened its doors in June of 1978. At first, only occupying one half of the building, customer demand and Tustin’s booming population caused us to take over the whole structure.
RUTA’S has been serving the community of Tustin for over 25 years. Long term employees often comment that kids they first saw in high chairs, are now bringing in their husband or wife and their own children!
Rutabegorz celebrates 30 years in the Tustin Old Town

With a flare for capturing a cozy atmosphere and coffee hangout mood, Rutabegorz Restaurant has attracted Tustin locals and Orange County residents for over 30 years, since June 1978. Following the idea of the first Rutabegorz founded in 1970 in Fullerton, the old town locale offers a quaint, health conscious cuisine nestled in one of the oldest buildings in Tustin, originally a grocery store built by the son of Columbus Tustin in 1914.

Surviving and flourishing for the past three decades was certainly not as simple as baking the famous cheesecakes and carrot cakes that locals have grown to crave. In fact, for the first six months of operation, finances were so tight that the owner, Paul Berkman, could not afford a stove. This required him to transport all the baked goods from the Fullerton restaurant everyday.
In recounting those tough times Paul said, “In the early days (of Tustin Rutabegorz), it was uncommon to have a work week less than 100 hours… it’s just the time that needed to be put in to make things run.” With no extra funds to advertise and little publicity in the then small hovel of old town Tustin, Paul would spend his Saturdays walking through the surrounding neighborhoods, introducing himself and distributing menus.
Throughout the years, Rutabegorz has also survived other external circumstances that challenged its solvency. On three different occasions, the streets near or adjacent to the restaurant were completely torn up. Besides the uninviting mood this engendered, access to and from the restaurant was significantly hindered. The relative lack of redevelopment in the old town area has also posed a threat to its popularity.
Aside from the initial start-up costs, the Rutabegorz idea was still very avante garde for a restaurant in conservative Orange County. The massive magazine menu, though not solely vegetarian, focuses on tasty healthy food, a variety of salads with original dressings like the balsamic vinaigrette or thai, soups like Chicken Tortilla, a mountain of munchies, appetizers ranging from fruit dishes to Grande Nachos, and a vast array of sandwiches and house favorites.
To decide what to drink, you may find yourself swimming in a sea of options. The coffee beverages are so varied, they have their own page. A variety of teas, shakes, and smoothies are coupled near fresh carrot juice and health boosters. Beers include a broad selection of unique and traditional beers like Stella Artoire and Flying Dog Pale Ale. An assortment of wines and drinks with booze are also offered.
Very little has changed in the philosophy and image of Rutabegorz. While other large restaurant chains and ideas have come and gone, chasing after the ‘in vogue’ food trends, Rutabegorz has a pact with its customers to give them what the larger chains or even independent imitations of them cannot: personality, substance, and stability.
That customers, 80% of which are ‘regulars’, return weekly for a meal at this quaint restaurant, is a testimony to the fine service, food, and ambience it offers. Rutabegorz remains a permanent fixture in Tustin because the locals want it to be there. Its as simple as that.

158 West Main
Tustin, CA 92780

Phone: 714.731.9807
Fax: 714.544.3325

Monday – Saturday
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Click on map for directions

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